Professional Grade RDT Hand Saw Diamond Blades (Low HP)


Premium diamond concrete saw blades are made with the highest quality diamonds to give you the most durability with efficient and accurate cutting, either cured or reinforced concrete.

Multiple segments are available. Segments are built to 12mm in height for added stability and performance.                     

 Manufactured in the USA

UPS Shipping: 1-4 Days
*excludes all equipment


Product Specifications:

  • 15-35 HP - Soft CC72 - Medium CC71 - Hard CC3
  • 35-48 HP - Soft CC75 - Medium CC74 - Hard CC7
  • 48-60 HP - Soft CC80 - Medium CC75 - Hard CC74  
  • 60+ HP - Soft CC90 SC300 - Medium CC8090 SC300 - Hard CC80    

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