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Introducing the innovative Vertical Electric Hydraulic Power Pack, ingeniously crafted on a compact and portable hand-cart frame. This power pack's small footprint and exceptionally low weight make it effortlessly transportable and easy to maneuver. Its remarkable design renders it a perfect companion for hand sawing or core drilling within buildings, underground areas, or confined spaces.

Powered by an electric motor, this power pack addresses environmental concerns by eliminating exhaust emissions, fumes, and fuel consumption, all while significantly reducing noise levels. The WP-1515EVA, being air-cooled, boasts a unique advantage - it can operate continuously without requiring water. This outstanding feature not only facilitates uninterrupted work but also contributes to extending the pump's overall lifespan.

15HP   0-15 GPM   3-Phase   460 V

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0-13 GPM
0-15 GPM