DMI-Compact Gas Hydraulic Power Pack

$9,469.00 $9,469.00
DMI's compact hydraulic power packs are our smallest gas power units. They have fixed flow settings and offer extremely good maneuverability, along with numerous other features. Our compact power packs work especially well for running ring saws, chain saws, and handsaws.

Features and benefits include:

  • Fixed hydraulic flow settings, depending on model
  • Pressure relief setting at 2000 psi
  • Engine mounted hydraulic pump eliminates any misalignment and ensures long life of the drive coupling
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • The engine features a pressurized lubrication system and low oil level shut-down
  • Power packs are powder-coated for longer wear
  • Self-contained units are compact and easy to move
  • Large never-flat tires are standard

Manufactured in the USA by Wolverine Equipmenmt

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