APC #79 Hi-Performance Spray Adhesive

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APC #79 Hi-Performance Spray Adhesive is a very aggressive and fast-setting aerosol spray adhesive. It provides exceptionally strong bonds on many surfaces including foam rubber, wood, cloth, fiberglass, galvanized metal, visqueen, dry wall, carpeting cloth, stretch wrap, paper, corrugated board stock and more.

Notable Features of APC #79 Hi-Performance Spray Adhesive include:

  • Aggressive tack which increases production speed
  • Fast set speeds to increase production speed
  • Precise spray control to allow for less waste
  • Excellent bond strength reduces reject rates
  • No chlorinated solvents means it is better for the environment and ozone
  • No Methylene Chloride means it is non-carcinogenic
  • Non-dimpling soft glue line allows for increased product quality

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