DMI Tools is a US manufacturer focused on supporting the concrete cutting and coring industry nationwide. Originally founded in 2014 as ROC Diamond tools, DMI has quickly become a trusted contributor of high-quality diamond blades and core bits among its peers and end users. To fully understand our foundation, you must first know our company DMI Tools, was the vision of a concrete cutter’s son Jarrad and longtime trusted company Kippen Concrete. Jarrad’s father Calvin Kippen established Kippen Concrete Cutting in 1995 which paved the way for Jarrad to grow the company and develop a new path for DMI Tools to take shape.  With more than 50 years of field experience combined we’ve put our knowledge to work in bringing you the best our industry has to offer.


Alongside our diamond blades and core bits we are a proud distributor of DTI Core Drills, Max Cut Equipment, Slurry Control Solution, Diamond Wire and all things in between, making it easy for our customers to come to DMI Tools for all their concrete cutting and coring needs.